What is Personal Wellness to you?

Personal wellness can mean different things to different people.

Someone asked me recently, “What if I was hoping that my book launch would go extremely well and that my new book would be wildly successful? Could that be considered personal wellness?”  Good question. I would (and did) say yes, for the simple reason that our lives can’t be compartmentalized.  When our business is going well, it enhances life and makes us happy.

That being said, we tend to think of personal wellness in terms of having the freedom to make choices about what we do and when we do it.  Having balance. Is that even possible, in this day and age?  I do believe it is.  But we can also be OK with being out of balance occasionally, to achieve a goal.  Then personal wellness comes as we reap the rewards and enjoy the benefits.

Personally, I like the fact that I can sleep until my body tells me to wake up (most days).  I like that I can travel when I want to and not have to ask permission or book time off work.  I like that when my father was sick and in his last days, I could spend the time with him and support my Mom 24/7.  Now it’s my Mom’s turn and I can schedule time with her whenever I want.

For us, Personal Wellness came in the form of my husband being able to work fewer hours to support the family and finally being able to take summers off to be with me and our kids at the cottage every summer.  As the children started lives of their own, it gave him the time to work with them on various renovation projects that came up in their lives – doing what he does best, just for the FUN of it!!

It came in the form of me being paid, over the years, for personal development.  We have learned so much about people and ourselves and have had exceptional training from our company and our peers – the type of training that typically costs people thousands of dollars, offered to us for free – and as we got better, we were paid more.

To me, personal wellness is taking the time for self-care and having the means to pay for services that enhance my life, like massage and chiropractic. It’s having the time and the means to meet with friends and family, to share laughter and good times together – to travel across the world to be with our kids who live in far off places!

And I know this is just the beginning. I am looking forward to exploring more areas of Personal Wellness in my life and discovering what it means to others.

What is Personal Wellness to you and yours?