Are you doing your bit for the environment?


When I started my business in 1995, raising environmental awareness and educating my fellow consumers on the dangers of the toxic chemicals found in common household products, (cleaners, laundry and dish detergents), personal care products (soaps, shampoos, toothpaste) and skin-care and cosmetics, (lotions to mascara and everything in  between), there was a lot more skepticism than there is today.

A common thought was, “If they’re selling it in stores, it must be safe, right? Surely they wouldn’t put toxic products on the store shelves!”

Think again!!  Some of the chemicals that are commonly used in everyday products were originally researched for use in chemical warfare, prior to World War II. Well over 80,000 chemicals have been developed and utilized in common, everyday products since then and the incidence of asthma, allergies, eczema and chemical sensitivities is on the rise, not to mention more serious illnesses that have been directly linked to the many chemicals that we are exposed to, on a daily basis.

Although, by 1995, phosphates had already been identified as harmful to our waterways and manufacturers were being pressured to eliminate them from detergents, the alternative ingredient they had turned to, NTA, created a whole new headache for the manufacturers, as it had been linked to cancer and governments were calling for “further testing”.  What is enlightening and a little scary is that the big detergent manufacturers lobbied for years to not have to eliminate phosphates completely. If you are curious about the history around the phosphate debate, you can check it out here. 

Today, “green” is a buzzword and many companies are jumping into the “green arena” without really doing the R & D (research and development) that’s necessary to produce a truly safe product (for both the environment and the people using it).  Not only are they not all that green, they just don’t work as well as the cheaper, chemical laden brands.

Only very recently, manufacturers of dish detergents have been forced by government regulation (in some areas only),  to remove phosphates from dish detergents and they are struggling to come up with a workable product without them.  Consumers are suddenly faced with “non-performance” from a brand that they have been using and trusting for years.

Are you being duped by the “go-green” movement?  Are you buying products that you think are safe, but that are being manufactured by the same companies who have lobbied for years to not have too many environmental restrictions interfering with their bottom line?

It’s reassuring to me and to those I’ve touched over the past 2 decades, that we can rely on a manufacturer who has taken the time to develop truly effective products (i.e. they work), that are not only safe for the environment (no ammonia, no bleach, no phosphates, no formaldehyde), but also safe for our families ( relief from allergies, asthma, eczema and chemical sensitivities). And this manufacturer has been providing these products to the marketplace for the past 28 years.  They have stood the test of time!

By eliminating the toxins and developing products with safer, more natural ingredients, they have provided consumers with a way to positively impact the environment.  When I started my business, even though I wasn’t a sales person,  I was on a mission.  I felt that if I could help just ONE other household eliminate bleach (not to mention all the other toxins), I would be doing my bit for the environment.  Instead, I have helped over 2000 households go green (truly green) and it’s time to step up again, because there are thousands more who need to hear the message and help us spread it.

Will you do your bit for the environment? Who will you help educate today?