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For years I have used the scientifically developed Access Bar as part of my work-out regime, to burn fat, provide energy and prevent stiffness, whether I am power walking or marathon gardening.  It is an amazing food product that does what it promises to do!!

It accesses the body’s stored fat,
instead of the sugar in the muscles, as the primary source of energy, allowing the body to:
1. burn 2x the amount of fat during every workout,
2. eliminate lactic acid buildup, so no soreness and stiffness the next day, and
3. utilize more muscle fibers to build more muscle (which helps burn calories on an ongoing basis)

The added bonus is that it tastes like a yummy chocolate bar, a nice treat to help us be brave and stick to our exercise routine!!

Now, along with the Access Bar, we have a Simple Steps program, that helps us to melt away excess pounds, without being on a “diet” or feeling deprived! more


A key component to good health and good looks is being fit and not carrying excess body weight that puts a strain on our entire system – joints, heart, liver, kidneys – you name it, it takes its toll! Fitness and exercise have always been important to me. As a child, I ran and played outdoors daily – skipping, hopscotch, bike riding – anything to be active.